Groundbreaking APTUS Assessments® offer extraordinary, valuable insight into a person's development.

Innovative and interactive: APTUS Assessments are a paradigm shift, providing state of the art, unbiased, unemotional feedback for coaches, teachers, parents and employers. APTUS provides a critical piece of the puzzle by measuring and revealing exactly how a person Defines, Processes and Executes instructions and information across various contextual environments. APTUS leverages the latest advancements in Behavioral Science and tablet technology to develop a person in a manner previously thought impossible.

Why APTUS Matters:
• Effective learning drives performance
• Objective feedback on how we actually learn is rare
• Continuous learning is the new reality
• Cognitive, perceptual, & behavioral skills underlie effective learning
• Observable vs. self-reporting; removes human bias

APTUS Discovery®:
• Provides the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF); saves time
• Maximizes talent, minimizes risk
• Compare features; analytics
• Provides Developmental Strategies

Interactive APTUS Assessment:
• Dynamic and technology based; measuring learning as it occurs
• Unbiased; objective; free of subjective judgments
• User friendly, tablet-based platform
• Vetted and researched by Behavioral Science and Leadership Professionals

Win the Mental Game.                            Win the Mental Game.