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APTUS is a Catalyst for Professional Coaching Development

Every coach knows that if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. That doesn't just refer to the team's success, but a coach's personal success as well. Learning under fire is certainly effective, but it isn't the only answer. Coaches learn from each other; they spend time studying new systems and advancements; and, they go to conferences like AFCA - all for the same purpose - to get better.

Coaches also continuously adapt. You adjust your game plan every week based on your opponent. You adjust your schemes to the strengths of the current year's roster. Why would you not also adjust to your roster's current learning skills the same way you do its physical skills?

The answer is typically lack of data and time. While significant time constraints are always a factor, becoming more effective in the limited time you do have with your team enables a proactive style that maximizes productive reps faster and increases a coach's effectiveness.

For the first time ever, APTUS provides the data you need to adjust styles and better adjust schemes based on the current learning skills of your team and how much complexity and information they can effectively retain. This leads to more effective roster changes, installations, and adjustments. This leads to less mental errors and more productive reps across the roster. This also leads to increased effectiveness and differentiation for the coach.

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