10-22-2018Verified Athlete
 In a new partnership with Verified Athlete, APTUS went down to Houston to assess the inaugural event for top local football players.

10-15-2018Michelin: Part 2
 Working with the sales teams from across the country and Canada gave us great insight to how APTUS can be leveraged from the managerial level down to the individual for personal and professional development.

10-08-2018MJP – Positive Track Assessments
 APTUS has been a proud partner with Michael Johnson Performance Positive Track Program for the past 3 years. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with athletes from all over the world and come together to see how they best learn!

10-01-2018APTUS at Standford
 We look forward to cheering for Stanford as they kick off this new season!

09-24-2018Michelin: Part 1
 Our partnership with Michelin has kept us busy this summer.

09-17-2018Annual Visit To Liberty University
 APTUS had its yearly visit to Liberty University to take part in the Summer Bridge Program.

09-10-2018APTUS At Southwestern
 APTUS is in its 4th year working with Coach Austin and his team.

05-16-2017Series Summary: 5 Reasons Mental Readiness Matters This Offseason
 Instilling a mentally ready culture and cadence during the offseason sets the foundation for ongoing success and extends into the fall and beyond.

05-09-2017Why Mental Readiness Matters to Offseason Productivity
 Knowing how your players best learn and execute instructions and information provides a significant competitive advantage by ensuring you get every player to productive reps faster and more often.

05-02-2017Offseason Opportunity #5: Ensure Productive Reps Faster and More Often Across the Entire Roster Once the Season Starts
 Approaching each team the same way each year is certain to leave gaps in productivity and possible wins on the table.

04-25-2017Why Mental Readiness Matters To Offseason Time Management
 So many coaches waste precious time by ignoring the importance of their teams' mental readiness.

04-18-2017Offseason Opportunity #4: Leveraging Every Hour to Maximize Coaching Productivity Needed for Wins in the Fall
 Approaching each team the same way each year is certain to leave gaps in productivity and possible wins on the table.

04-11-2017Why Mental Readiness Matters To Football Tempo
 Mental readiness doesn't mean changing how you coach for every single individual on your team - it starts by understanding the current learning skills of your team, your offense, your defense and then implementing common developmental strategies across position groups.

04-04-2017Offseason Opportunity #3: Building the Learning Tempo of Your New Team Now vs. Next Fall
 Just as starters and key backups change from year to year, the makeup, personalities, and strengths of each new team change as well.

03-28-2017Why Mental Readiness Matters When Selecting New Starters
 Understanding your players' current levels of learning skills and mental readiness arms you with the information needed to make the best possible decisions.

03-21-2017Offseason Opportunity #2: Selecting New Starters
 Whether due to graduation, draft, injuries, or otherwise, starters have to be replaced on both sides of the ball every year.

03-14-2017Why Mental Readiness Matters During New Player Engagement
 Decades of scientific research affirm that learning always precedes performance and thus successful learning is a key driver of successful performance.

03-07-2017Offseason Opportunity #1: New Player Engagement
 How do you determine how quickly and effectively these student-athletes can grasp your system? How do you know which ones will provide immediate impact and which ones will need more time?

02-28-2017New Series Intro: 5 Reasons Mental Readiness Matters This Offseason
 This series will not only define and explain each reason, but will show how to leverage them to maximize productivity and productive reps well before the start of the regular season.

02-06-2017Air It Out Camp
 Air It Out camp is a great resource for youth football to hone their skills.

01-25-2017APTUS at the Collegiate Bowl
 We look forward to providing players that participated in the Collegiate Bowl with reports that will help them be successful on the field as well as in life.

01-25-20174th Consecutive Year at East West Shrine
 This is the fourth year APTUS has had the pleasure of attending the East West Shrine game.

12-15-2016Congratulations to Stanford
 Stanford heading to the Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX.

12-12-2016APTUS is About Winning the Mental Game
 Be mentally ready at every level of sport.

11-30-2016Michael Johnson Performance
 Delivering data on the neck up.

10-20-2016The Rigors of Olympic Athlete Training
 Jacques Slade expierencing the APTUS Assessment

09-16-2016The Key: Think Less
 APTUS can help identify when a player is bogged down in the details, overthinks plays before they happen, and strategies to help simplify information being received.

08-30-2016Liberty Student-Athletes Learn How They Learn
 The games are speeding up, complexity of systems are increasing, complexity of curriculums are increasing and becoming ever and ever more difficult.

08-24-2016Stanford Football Program Stays Fresh On and Off the Field
 The program is now using APTUS Sports to maximize athletic and academic development.

08-19-201612 Insane Physical Tests U.S. Olympians Must Undergo
 The APTUS Assessment is a 30-minute test consisting of 10 exercises performed on a tablet. These exercises measure how a person defines, processes and executes information and instructions in a variety of environments.

08-09-2016APTUS at Prairie View A&M
 APTUS enjoyed the opportunity to assess and present to coaches from all sports while at Prairie View A&M

04-07-2016Invictus Lacrosse Enlists APTUS to Maximize Athlete Development
 APTUS is now working with Invictus Lacrosse to provide a competitive edge for their elite athletes.

01-19-2016APTUS Partners with QB Ranch to Provide Athletes with a Competitive Edge
 QB Ranch becomes an official Certified APTUS Provider.

12-28-2015APTUS is a Catalyst for Professional Coaching Development
 For the first time ever, APTUS provides the data you need to adjust styles and better adjust schemes based on the current learning skills of your team and how much complexity and information they can effectively retain.

12-21-2015How Leading Coaches Leverage Professional Development
 Understanding how your players best learn not only gives you the data to adjust styles as you do schemes, it increases your personal effectives as a coach by extending your teaching styles and helping you connect with more players, more often.

12-13-2015Building a Better Student-Athlete
 Maximizing the academic development of every student-athlete starts with how each specifically learns, and then adjusting your strategies in the specific ways that allow you to reach and teach them faster and more effectively.

12-09-2015Eligibility or Preparation?
 Reality is that student-athletes are unique and learns in their own way and at their own pace. It is not about intelligence or aptitude however.

11-30-2015How APTUS Provides a Proven Recruiting Advantage
 APTUS measures how student-athletes learn while they are actually in the act of learning.

11-20-2015APTUS Helps Performance on the Field and in the Classroom
 To positively impact student-athletes, you must teach and coach in a way that is unique to them.

11-19-2015Mental Readiness - The Key to APR and GSR Potential
 Can your team handle an APR penalty?

11-17-2015How In-Season Changes Can Affect the Outcome of Your Season
 Your success and brand are too much to risk.

11-17-2015APTUS on Longhorn Network GameDay
 Lowell Galindo, Ricky Williams, Vince Young, and David Thomas discover their APTUS.

10-23-2015Lions, Tigers, and In-Season Depth Chart Changes...Oh My!!!
 What if you knew specifically how to engage every player on your roster, getting each player to more productive reps faster, more often and with less mental errors?

10-20-2015APTUS is the Other Half of the Athletic Development Equation
 More often than not, the gap to on field production is about mental readiness. So, how do you determine if your players are mentally ready?

10-14-2015Physicality is Only Half of the Athletic Development Equation
 Mental readiness is not a question of aptitude or intelligence measured through traditional approaches, it is a question of how your players best define, process, and execute instructions and information.

09-11-2015APTUS Featured on 104.9 The Horn
 Craig Flowers spoke with Bucky and Erin, from 104.9 The Horn, to discuss how APTUS Assessments are helping student-athletes on and off the field.

09-10-2015How Notre Dame Got an Educational Edge
 Article from Irish Illustrated

09-08-2015NBC's KXAN News Crew at APTUS Headquarters
 Prior to the Notre Dame vs. Texas match up this past weekend, KXAN stopped by APTUS Headquarters to learn more about the assessment.

09-04-2015TCU Baseball Gains Competitive-Edge
 APTUS returned to Fort Worth, TX, to assess the nationally ranked Horned Frog baseball team.

09-01-2015McLennan Community College Adopts APTUS
 MCC is the first Jr. College to adopt APTUS as part of their student-athlete development.

08-25-2015Rice Women's Basketball Discovers Their APTUS
 APTUS traveled to Rice University to assess the Women's Basketball team.

08-13-2015APTUS at Southwestern University
 APTUS is proud to be a part of this local program.

08-05-2015APTUS returned to Notre Dame University.
 APTUS returned to Notre Dame University to address team, coaches and players.

07-24-2015Liberty University Student-Athletes Prepare to Win the Mental Game
 Over 150 student-athletes representing 18 Liberty University sports were assessed as part of their Summer Bridge Program.

07-17-2015APTUS Visits Liberty University
 APTUS assessed over 150 student-athletes and coaches at Liberty University

07-08-2015Rice University Football and Men's Basketball Teams Take the APTUS Assessment
 APTUS returned to Rice University to assess the men's basketball and football teams.

06-17-2015The Future of Student-Athlete Development Webinar
 In partnership with Dave Campbell's Texas Football, APTUS Discovery is pleased to team with University of Kansas Head Coach Dave Beaty and Coach Alan Wartes, Executive Director of Air It Out, in a special online seminar - The Future of Student-Athlete Development - on Thursday, June 25th at 1:00 pm CT.

06-01-2015APTUS Assessed Top Corner Lacrosse Players
 APTUS assessed high school lacrosse players in Central Texas at Top Corner Lacrosse.

05-27-2015Client Testimonial: Coach Dave Beaty - Kansas
 "The goal is simply to reach and teach. We discovered, as a staff, if we were willing to put our pride aside and look at the objective data, we could make progress with all of our student-athletes."

04-13-2015APTUS Returns to Texas A&M
 APTUS returned to Texas A&M to present Freshman and JUCO player-analytics to Coach Sumlin and his staff.

04-07-2015"A lot of people think we look for talent first. They're wrong, it's dependability"
 Kansas University's Asst Coach Rob Likens talks about dependability

04-06-2015APTUS at Allcat Claims Service
 APTUS Visited Allcat Claims Service to talk about their role in the process of training and developing.

04-01-2015Is This Football's Next Big Coaching Breakthrough?
 Article from Fox Sports on the APTUS Assessment.

03-13-2015Fox Sports Southwest
 Be on the lookout for an APTUS article written by David Ubben of Fox Sports Southwest.

03-10-2015Fred and Danny Akers Visit APTUS Headquarters
 APTUS recently hosted legendary Fred and Danny Akers.

03-02-2015APTUS Continues to Expand Into the Big 12
 APTUS VP, Craig Flowers, was filmed for a short video in support of the University of Kansas' recruiting efforts.

02-18-2015Asst. AD For the University of Texas
 Ricky Brown visited APTUS offices this week.

02-18-2015APTUS Visited Houston
 APTUS met Cougars new Head Coach Tom Herman.

02-18-2015APTUS At Texas A&M
 Beginning our third year alongside the SEC Texas A&M Aggies.

02-18-2015APTUS Returns To the Kentucky Wildcats
 APTUS assess Wildcat student-athletes.

01-21-2015APTUS at the Senior Bowl
 APTUS is assessing all players in the 2015 Senior Bowl.

01-21-2015APTUS Visits the Collegiate Bowl
 APTUS assessed all players in the NFL's inaugural Collegiate Bowl

01-21-2015APTUS at East/West Shrine
 APTUS assessed all participants at this year's Shrine Bowl Game.

01-09-2015AFCA 2015
 Visit the APTUS booth (#338) at the 2015 AFCA.

10-23-2014What is the APTUS Test, and Why NFL and College Programs Are Falling In Love With It?
 APTUS empowers coaches with an objective competitive-edge never before thought possible. APTUS removes human biases, saving coaches a tremendous amount of time while maximizing personnel development.

10-09-2014Will Your Students Succeed?
 APTUS is a paradigm shift in digital assessments that measures cognitive, perceptual and behavioral attributes of your student. APTUS unlocks mental barriers at home and in the classroom.

10-03-2014Patriots and Heroes Outdoors
 APTUS was honored to participate in the Patriots and Heroes Outdoors program this week.

10-01-2014APTUS Meets with the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
 APTUS had the privilege of meeting with senior DPS representatives at their corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas.

09-30-2014Education Service Center 14 (ESC 14)
 APTUS recently returned to ESC 14 to assess the senior staff and Executive Director, Mr. Ronnie Kincaid.

09-03-2014APTUS Returns to Rice University
 In 2013, APTUS' student-athlete reports and player analytics contributed to Rice winning their first Conference Championship since 1957.

08-29-2014APTUS at High Point University
 APTUS is proud to be working with the head of the Physical Therapy Department at High Point University.

08-28-2014APTUS Visits the SEC
 On the heels of fall football camp, APTUS returned to the campuses of two SEC Universities.

08-27-2014Tom Brady Turns To Brain Exercises To Stay Sharp, Healthy
 "I think finding that balance in your brain or in your body is how you optimize your performance."

07-30-2014APTUS for Education
 APTUS for Education, a professional and personal perspective.

07-21-2014APTUS Visits Rice Owls
 APTUS revisits Rice University and "Coach of the Year" David Bailiff.

07-14-2014APTUS at Southwestern University
 In final preparation for scheduled student-athlete assessments, APTUS met with academic faculty members and the football coaching staff of Southwestern University.

07-02-2014APTUS EVP Craig Flowers and Coach Teaff
 APTUS joins forces with Edgenuity LLC and Price Waterhouse executives to form a golf team at AFCA.

06-25-2014APTUS Visits the Golden Gophers
 APTUS returned to the Twin Cities to assess the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football roster.

06-19-2014APTUS EVP at the Rotary Club of Austin
 The Rotary Club of Austin learned how the APTUS Assessment can help in "Leading the Millennials".

06-11-2014Howe & Rusling
 This highly trusted investment advisor experienced the APTUS Discovery in order to increase efficiencies and maximize their human capital investment within their own team.

02-20-2014APTUS on the Associated Press
 The Associated Press came to APTUS Headquarters to discuss the APTUS Assessment and the NFL Draft.

01-15-2014APTUS at East West Shrine
 This years East West Shrine Bowl players had the chance to take the APTUS Assessment.

12-06-2013APTUS Medical
 "We are interested in exploring the opportunities to apply APTUS Discovery in the arena of graduate medical education."