APTUS Assessment

Ask yourself, when have you actually learned about the way you learn?

The answer for most of us is "rarely," especially if we consider a direct assessment of our own unique learning processes. The closest most of us have come to such valuable information is from feedback we may have received from an outstanding teacher, manager or coach.

Adding to this dilemma, is the fact that until now the assessment tools available for providing the critical information needed to boost learning have predominately relied on self-reports. Unfortunately, these types of assessments are subject to human bias and inaccuracy, and do not assess individuals while they are in the act of learning. APTUS Universal represents a paradigm shift in that it provides unbiased, objective data about learning while it is occurring - in real time.

APTUS Universal captures how a person Defines, Processes, and Executes instructions and information across various contextual environments. APTUS measures 65 perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral attributes. We assess dynamically, while learning occurs.