Learn More | The APTUS Downloadable Assessment

Ask yourself, when have you 'ever' received specific, objective information about the way you best learn?

Our guess is, probably never.

APTUS is a 30 minute interactive personal assessment that couples tablet technology and behavioral science to tell you how you Define, Process and Execute instructions and information. We measure how one learns, while learning is occurring.

  • APTUS is interactive. Ten hands-on engaging exercises, similar to video games, are completed in 25-35 minutes. There are no multiple choice or true/false questions.
  • APTUS is objective. Extraordinary advancements in tablet technology and behavioral science remove human biases, stereotyping and subjective conclusions.
  • APTUS is dynamic. Cognitive, perceptual and behavioral attributes are measured to a fraction of a second while Defining, Processing and Executing is occurring in real time.

The downloadable APTUS Discovery App allows you to experience the APTUS assessment on your own device, with browser based access to view and share your reports.

The APTUS Discovery App gives you access to view detailed, individualized blueprints on how you or your child/student/athlete best learns.

Our reporting includes:
  • Fluency Report - how fluently one learns and summarizes one’s learning approach
  • Propensity Report – details behavioral tendencies while learning; confidence, grit, competitiveness, focus, self-control, simplicity and detail
  • Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Report – a roll up of 65 measurements from the assessment that details how to unlock an individual’s work in three settings: in the classroom, on the job and during individual study

The APP is free to download, but requires that you gain access by getting in touch with an APTUS representative. To contact an APTUS rep to receive a client login, click here.