Certified APTUS Environments (CAEs) - Guidelines and Recommendations

Certified APTUS Environment
To ensure accurate data capture and the best APTUS experience, please review and implement the following:

  • Set aside 25-35 minutes to fully engage in the assessment - there is no "pause button"
  • Pick a quiet, distraction free place
  • We encourage you to silence your cell phone or place it somewhere where you will not be tempted to look at it
  • Connect iPad to WiFi (under "settings"- this will ensure data directly uploads to the APTUS database)
  • Place iPad horizontally on a non-stick surface or place a rubber mat under it (to avoid sliding around) and plug in headphones (recommended)
  • Optional: Use of a stylus or styli in place of fingers (recommended for those with larger hands, or those using iPad Mini’s)

You are about to experience 10 innovative, hands-on and interactive exercises. You should expect to spend 25 to 35 minutes to complete the entire APTUS Discovery. These exercises are vetted by Behavioral Science and will reveal how you uniquely Define, Process and Execute instructions and information across various contextual environments.

There are no multiple-choice questions, true/false or word problems. There are no formulas to apply or lengthy surveys. These exercises should be interesting and challenging. You will use your fingers or stylus to move through each 150 second exercise.