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Howe & Rusling

As the rate of economic growth accelerates this spring, so does Howe and Rusling Investment Management Corporation. This highly trusted investment advisor experienced the APTUS Discovery in order to increase efficiencies and maximize their human capital investment within their own team. By taking this assessment, Howe and Rusling employees will be able to better understand how they define, process, and execute information, whether that is in investment analysis or even relationship management. They now have the APTUS advantage to differentiate themselves in a market flooded with competition.

For APTUS, this move is another successful step forward in the growth of their product and markets. As a company that found its beginning in sports, APTUS now is broadening its horizons into the corporate heart of the United States and the financial services market in New York City.

While Howe and Rusling President, Chairman and Chief Compliance Officer Craig Cairns (above) and his team were taking the assessment, the APTUS team was giving assessments in three other states (Hawaii, Florida, and Texas) the same week.

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