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Series Summary: 5 Reasons Mental Readiness Matters This Offseason

"The intangibles" can finally be clearly defined and measured in tangible ways. The mental readiness of your student-athletes is determined by understanding how they learn while they are in the act of learning. The best part is that this understanding enables you to:

• Maximize athletic and academic performance
• Shorten time to productivity across all rosters
• Enable faster installation, game plan, and curriculum roll outs

Instilling a mentally ready culture and cadence during the offseason sets the foundation for ongoing success and extends into the fall and beyond. It becomes a part of your DNA and defines how to best reach and teach each year. It allows you to better handle in-season roster changes and game-week installations. It creates benchmarks that better guide recruiting and the onboarding of new recruits each and every season. This competitive advantage extends onto the recruiting trail as student-athletes and their parents clearly see that you care enough to invest in a player's success by maximizing their complete development in a way others cannot. There is no better time to address mental readiness than the offseason. After all, the work done during the offseason is what sets the foundation for the fall and the accountability of your program for years to come.

Proven in leading universities and organizations across the country, APTUS is the first solution that measures how someone learns while they are actually in the act of learning. There are no wrong or right answers and for the first time ever, you can understand "the intangibles" of every student-athlete and truly reach and teach more effectively through specific developmental strategies that are based on that unique, objective knowledge. APTUS will show, without human biases, how players Define, Process, and Execute instruction and information; providing a clear path to their development and success.

Want to maximize the development and get to more productive reps across your entire roster well before spring practices begin? Contact APTUS today!

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