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Offseason Opportunity #3: Building the Learning Tempo of Your New Team Now vs. Next Fall

Just as starters and key backups change from year to year, the makeup, personalities, and strengths of each new team change as well. As coaches and educators, we have to adapt each year to deliver ongoing success. Much like adjustments made each game week, understanding and adapting to how one team differs from the last is critical to on-field performance. For example, maybe last year's team had five seniors on the line that had over 50 games combined starts. They knew your offense intimately and adjustments were a breeze (ah, a coach's dream!). With their graduation, five new starters must be found, yet their experiences will likely paint a very different picture. What will your staff need to do differently? How much of the offense can you roll out and how quickly? What level of complexity can they take, while still maintaining optimal performance? These are not only individual or position group questions, they extend just as easily to each side of the ball and the overall readiness of your entire team.

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