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Offseason Opportunity #2: Selecting New Starters

Whether due to graduation, draft, injuries, or otherwise, starters have to be replaced on both sides of the ball every year. While overall depth is critical to any team, a starting lineup has to be the best of the best. Determining whom you can rely on to step into those roles is one of the most critical coaching functions. Again, physical readiness answers only part of this key question. You need to know which former backups are mentally ready and capable of handling the requirements of the position in your system. For this to happen, you need to know how much of it they can handle and how quickly they can come up the learning curve. If you have two guys with the same size and speed competing for the same spot, are they both equally ready? The answer is obviously no, but answering why this is the case is the key. However, finding this answer is difficult because up until now we simply did not have the essential data to give us insight.

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