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Offseason Opportunity #1: New Player Engagement

As school resumes each January, new players begin to arrive on campus for offseason training and spring learning. You recruited these junior college transfers and grey shirts, knowing the existing gaps in your depth chart and the potential impact each player could have on your program. Just like those that will arrive in the fall, every early entrant will be adjusting to the speed of the game and learning a brand new system, maybe even position, while simultaneously trying to adjust to college life and pitting academic rigors against new found freedoms. How do you determine how quickly and effectively these student-athletes can grasp your system? How do you know which ones will provide immediate impact and which ones will need more time? These are key differences between a player's on-field productivity now versus later versus never. Traditionally, coaches reach and teach concepts as they always have and hope that each player picks it up. The reality however is that every coach has stories of the ones that never "got it" and these examples often haunt them for years to come.

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