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New Series Intro: 5 Reasons Mental Readiness Matters This Offseason

One thing as certain as death and taxes in coaching is when a season is done, whether it was a Cinderella story, a disappointment, or anything in between, it is done. While we always look back at each season to see what was learned or what could have been done differently, nothing will change the outcome of that season. Fortunately, as one season ends the next begins while preparation and opportunity intersect with the dreams of next fall. It all starts with a successful offseason.

Once the excitement and chaos of offseason recruiting are complete, you know (at least on paper) who can take the field next season. After a short break, the real work begins as the countdown starts to the beginning of spring ball. You know the size and speed of each player on your roster. But big, strong, and fast have become the minimum buy in for a successful program. More often than not, the gap to athletic and academic production is about mental readiness - How quickly and accurately they learn, react, and adjust.

How do you ensure your roster is as mentally ready as it is physically prepared? How do you know which players can adjust to the complexity of your schemes and systems and how quickly this can occur? Good coaches always find ways to connect at some point, but when a player doesn't "get it" in time, talent goes wasted and production is mitigated.

Fortunately, APTUS Discovery is now pleased to share what we have learned helping leading programs like Stanford, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Tennessee and others through the introduction of a new eGuide - 5 Reasons Mental Readiness Matters This Offseason. We will also blog for the next 10 weeks in support of this important topic.

So what are the 5 reasons?
  • New player engagement
  • Replacing starters
  • Building the learning tempo of your new team now vs. next fall
  • Leveraging every hour to maximize coaching productivity
  • Ensure productive reps faster and more often across the entire roster in season

  • This series will not only define and explain each reason, but will show how to leverage them to maximize productivity and productive reps well before the start of the regular season.

    Please join us on this journey to excellence over the coming weeks. We will start next week with a post on how mental readiness impacts new player engagement. Don't want to wait? You can download the full eGuide right now here.

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