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Stanford Football Program Stays Fresh On and Off the Field

Article Written By: Mark Soltau
Original article from GoStanford.com

"The program is now using APTUS Sports to maximize athletic and academic development. Prior to the season, each player completed 10 game-like exercises in 30 minutes on a special tablet that assessed how quickly and accurately they learn, react and adjust. [APTUS] analyzed individual, group and team data, and reported the findings to the coaching staff.

"We really consider them brainteasers," said [APTUS] consultant Eric Vaughn, who recently made a campus visit. "There are no No. 2 pencils, or wrong or right answers. It's not about intelligence or grade-point averages. Everybody learns the way they learn. And while there are certainly developmental strategies among groups of people, how to best develop someone is based off of the understanding of how they best learn."

Based in Austin, Texas, the company has been working with professional teams for four years and is now assisting college football teams."

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