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Invictus Lacrosse Enlists APTUS to Maximize Athlete Development

APTUS is now working with Invictus Lacrosse to provide a competitive edge for their elite athletes.

"APTUS is excited to be servicing Invictus Lacrosse in its pioneer year. The dedication of the Invictus program to their athletes goes above and beyond the typical club sport. They are looking to impact the lives of these young men for years to come, on and off the field," said Mark Mangum, CEO of APTUS. "Our shared desire to develop athletes not only on the field, but in life, makes us a great fit."

"APTUS has quickly made an impact in the athletics world. Their breakthroughs will help our coaches and players understand how each other learns and analyzes information on the lacrosse field that gives us all the best opportunity to maximize the team's potential. Our mission is building leaders through lacrosse and APTUS enhances this greatly," said Head Coach, Justin Bokmeyer.

About Invictus Lacrosse
Invictus Lacrosse is an elite lacrosse club in Texas which provides a yearlong program that focuses on maximizing the athlete's potential on and off the field. The coaches are focused on developing highly skilled and knowledgeable players. We do this through practicing the fundamentals, individual skills, and team skills. Our mission is to build young men to be leaders on and off the field. Our players are elite players as well as great students and leaders in their communities. Each player completes a community service project as a part of the program. Our players are confident and high character young men built to serve their communities.

APTUS is an objective assessment that measures how one learns, while they are in the act of learning. Engaging and interactive, APTUS assessments are given on an iPad in 30 minutes in a manner that best connects with this generation of athlete. We provide reports to coaches that provide a specific blueprint to quickly and continuously maximize player development across their entire roster.

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