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How Leading Coaches Leverage Professional Development

Coaches typically differentiate themselves on scheme and style, which can ultimately lead to success. But what happens when your scheme or style is not working?

When a scheme doesn't work, coaches immediately look to adjust. They look at why it is not working and what the opponent is doing to exploit it. Armed with that new information, they make the necessary adjustments and watch intently for results. They keep following that process until success is found, and this continues on and on.

When a coach's style is not working, adjustments are few and far between and more difficult to make. Traditionally, the result was that a player just wasn't "getting it." There was no way to put a finger on the problem or figure out why the same way you did when a scheme wasn't working - the critical information simply wasn't there. As a coach, you have to move on at some point. Unfortunately, this typically means a wasted scholarship or roster spot, and it happens every year.

Understanding how your players best learn not only gives you the data to adjust styles as you do schemes, it increases your personal effectives as a coach by extending your teaching styles and helping you connect with more players, more often. Having this knowledge can be transformation for your players, your team, and your career.

Listen to Kansas University Head Football Coach Dave Beaty and Air It Out Camp Director, Alan Wartes, talk about how they adjust style and scheme for greater success.

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