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Building a Better Student-Athlete

In the last blog, we talked about how academic development is not just about intelligence or aptitude. Maximizing the academic development of every student-athlete starts with how each specifically learns, and then adjusting your strategies in the specific ways that allow you to reach and teach them faster and more effectively.

But what about the time constraints all academic staffs face? You only have so many hours in a day, and they are never enough. Especially when you figure-in practice time and other competing priorities. How can you possibly adjust what you do and how you do it to every student-athlete you are responsible for?

The answer is, with APTUS you do not have to. The same assessment used by coaches to understand how student-athletes learn is used by leading academic departments around the country to maximize development in the classroom and beyond. The knowledge of how to best develop each individual creates common developmental strategies in the field of play, in the classroom, and for individual study that can guide study groups, tutor sessions, and study hall organization. All the while, still giving you information on how to best approach special interest cases when needed.

Imagine a world where study groups are organized on current learning skills and strategies versus who has Geology 101 this semester. Imagine tutors knowing exactly how a student-athlete best learns before ever even meeting the person. What would the impact be on your academic effectiveness?

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