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Eligibility or Preparation?

Leading institutions know that academics are more than just eligibility. While academics can certainly be the difference between players being on the field or on the bench at game time, athletic departments also have the larger responsibility of growing every student-athlete into educated, successful contributors to our society.

Realizing the full benefit of this promise means finding ways to maximize time, resources, and structure in a way that is more meaningful and in world where all three can be in short supply. The reality is that student-athletes are unique and learns in their own way and at their own pace. A singular structure that approaches learning the same way for all student-athletes will typically lead to proper cadence for the middle of the road learners, but minimal challenge for the high-end learners and mitigated success for the low-end learners.

It is not about intelligence or aptitude however. Just like athletic development, maximizing academic development starts with how student-athletes specifically learn and adjusting instructional strategies in the specific ways that allow you to reach and teach them faster and more effectively.

Want more? Watch how Craig Flowers explains to the Longhorn Network team how APTUS can make a difference on the field and in the classroom.

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