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How APTUS Provides a Proven Recruiting Advantage

Every university has reports showing their school is highly ranked in everything from athletics to academics and career placement. While a few have a visible advantage in their degrees or facilities, most struggle to truly differentiate. APTUS measures how student-athletes learn while they are actually in the act of learning. Having that knowledge for the first time means a coach or educator can adjust how they reach and teach to a specific team, class, position group, or even an individual when needed. Rather than continuing the same approach indefinitely and wondering why people just aren't "getting it", you can be armed with exactly how to best reach and teach in order to maximize development on the field and in the classroom. Even more such insight can get maximum productivity faster and more frequently - well before a person ever steps on the field or in the class.

This is a unique message that programs like Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and many others have now recognized and proven that parents value and want to hear about. The assurance that your staff cares about a person's unique talents and ensuring all student-athletes reach their potential while they are on your hallowed ground. This stands out in parents' minds and differentiates your program in a way they remember and value, which equals competitive advantage.

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