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APTUS Helps Performance on the Field and in the Classroom

Not making APR and GSR rates is not an option. Penalties not only affect the team in post-season games, but also individual players and their scholarship status. The consequences are simply too high to risk. Especially when there is a better way!

Every coach and educator can agree on at least one truth - things have changed. With technology bringing the world to today's student-athlete's fingertips how and when they want it, they've become accustomed to learning the way they want to learn and at the cadence that fits them best.

To positively impact student-athletes, you must teach and coach in a way that is unique to them. You have to understand how they best learn to maximize their development. That is why APTUS provides specific reports geared toward three key audiences - Coaches, EDUCATORS, and the individuals themselves.

Maximizing time in the classroom and reaching these student-athletes on their level can make all the difference in how they succeed academically in college and beyond.

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