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Lions, Tigers, and In-Season Depth Chart Changes...Oh My!!!

Injuries happen many times a season and across a variety of positions on every team. No team is immune. So, how do you get that 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th string player ready for game day under extreme time constraints?

What if you knew specifically how to engage every player on your roster, getting each player to more productive reps faster, more often and with less mental errors?

Knowing exactly HOW your players learn and how to best reach and teach them will allow you to meet them where they are and develop them to where they need to be quickly. Additionally, knowing how to best maximize time and communication will become increasingly important as you face injuries, academic issues, and new game week installations.

So how does one accomplish game week installations without overwhelming players with too much information? Effectively reaching and teaching your players during that time impacts how much information they retain, leading to maximized time and reduced mental errors.

Want to learn more? Listen to how Notre Dame Football Head Coach Brian Kelly overcame these obstacles in week 3 of Notre Dame's season.

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