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APTUS is the Other Half of the Athletic Development Equation

More often than not, the gap to on field production is about mental readiness. So, how do you determine if your players are mentally ready? Decades of research have now proven that WHEN they learn is dependent on HOW they learn. Mental readiness does in fact predict academic and athletic performance and can be leveraged to maximize development in the classroom and on the field of play.

Originally developed for the NFL and since proven in the collegiate and corporate world, APTUS is the first solution that measures how someone learns while they are actually in the act of learning. With APTUS, there are no wrong or right answers and for the first time ever, you can understand "the intangibles" of every student-athlete and actually reach and teach more effectively based on that knowledge.

Understanding how your student-athletes learn is now proven to:
  • Maximize athletic and academic performance
  • Shorten time to productivity
  • Enable faster installation, game plan, & curriculum roll outs
  • Differentiate on the recruiting trail

APTUS can maximize the athletic and academic development of every student-athlete by closing the mental readiness gap.

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