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Physicality is Only Half of the Athletic Development Equation

The current generation of student-athletes is arguably one of the most talented the world has ever seen. However, this generation is also one of the most distracted. With technology bringing the world to their fingertips how and when they want it, they've become accustomed to learning the way they want to learn and at the cadence that fits them best.

As coaches, it has become more and more difficult to connect with these student-athletes at the same speed and accuracy our up-tempo systems and installations require. We know their size, 40 times, and vertical well, but physical attributes have become a minimum buy in. More often than not, the gap to on-field production is about mental readiness.

Mental readiness is not a question of aptitude or intelligence measured through traditional approaches, it is a question of how your players best define, process, and execute instructions and information - how quickly and accurately they learn, react, and adjust. Good coaches always find ways to connect, but when a player doesn't "get it" in time, talent is wasted and production is mitigated.

How do you determine if your players are mentally ready? Fox Sports Southwest gives one idea in their article - Is This Football's Next Big Coaching Breakthrough?

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