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Client Testimonial: Coach Dave Beaty - Kansas

What has been your experience with the APTUS Discovery?
Our experience with APTUS Discovery has revolutionized the way we teach our players. APTUS has given us an understanding of our players that would have never been discovered had it not been for the APTUS program. We were fortunate to be at Texas A&M and experience the difference it made in our program while we were there.

How did you use the APTUS reports?
APTUS allowed us to understand that our team benefited more from doing than watching and listening. Active engagement has helped us move forward faster with installations and information than ever before. We began to employ more walk-thrus than meeting time. We began to phrase questions differently to engage a student-athlete's strengths and weaknesses. The kids' energy levels have gone through the roof and therefore they have been more accurate during practice.

We put the APTUS reports to work as a staff as soon as we received them. We sat and went over the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) reports of our players and began to discover how accurate the assessment was based on our knowledge of our players. While we had mainly player personality to go by, the BLUF began to illustrate things to us that we could easily identify in our players. The best part was the strategies APTUS provided to achieve mastery with our student-athletes, not only on the field, but in the classroom.

How else do you use the APTUS Discovery and reports?
The reports were not only helpful for individuals but also helpful for group settings and position meetings. We discovered that some of our players were very unresponsive in group settings. The BLUF allowed us to understand why this was happening and provided us with adjustments for teaching. The goal is simply to reach and teach.

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